Luton Airport WiFi

How do I connect to WiFi At Luton Airport?

Simply look for Luton Airport WiFi on your device. Then, launch your web browser and their WiFi welcome page will guide you through the rest. The service is provided by Virgin WiFi.

Is it free and for how long?

This service is completely free and you can use it for however you want. There is no time limit!

I'm having problems connecting. How can I get some assistance?

Anyone experiencing problems with the Wi-Fi service can call the 24 hour Support Desk on 0330 660 1028.

Luton Airport wifi

Tips on using public wifi safely

When using public WiFi, you have to make sure you are being safe and protecting yourself! Below, we've provided some tips that will help you!

  • Try to only use https - Google Chrome now tells you if a site isn't secure and there'll a pop message when it shows that, heed their warning! Try not to go on websites that google is detecting as not secure.
  • Try to only give minimal information - Sometimes you might be asked to give details when signing up like your mobile number, your email address and sometimes even your home address! We recommend that you don't use your primary email and use a secondary email.
  • Use a VPN - This will make your connection secure as it encrypts your data and it's seen as a bridge between you and the wifi server. This means that your data is safe and secure from the hacker. Of course, there are different types of VPN, the paid ones are more secure but even the free ones are better to use than to not use one!