Holiday Taxis and International Transport

Stay one step ahead of everyone else by booking early and avoid facing the often overpriced and troublesome experience of finding a transfer from the airport to your hotel or resort once you land at your destination.

Global Transfer Services

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Holiday Taxis are pioneers of the pre-booked overseas Airport Transfers industry. First set up in 2002 they only operated around the mediterranean, now over 10 years on they arrange transfers to 11,000+ different cities and resorts in more than 120 Countries. Holiday Taxis were first set up to deal with the increasing demand for cheap, quick and effective Transfers from overeseas Airports and they have continued to do this ever since.

  • Great Value Transfers
  • Award Winning, Worldwide Service
  • Over 11,000 Cities/Resorts, 120 Countries
  • Choice of Vehicles; Taxis, Minibuses, Coaches, Water Taxi and even Helicopter..
  • 24/7 Emergency Cover.
  • Coaches, Water Taxi and even Helicopter.

Global Transfer Services offer taxi reservations throughout many European destinations including Greece, Italy, France, Spain and many more. By guaranteeing value for money alongside quick and accurate quotes you can be sure your getting your holiday transfer for the best possible price. As part of the service you’ll be greeted by your driver once you’ve landing at the airport and taken to your destination in style and comfort..

  • Professional, Licensed Drivers
  • No Hidden Costs
  • 24 Hour Contact
  • Doorstep Drop Off
  • Instant Online Confirmation
  • Flight Monitoring

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Train Travel Abroad

If the journey is just as important to you as the destination you should consider travelling by rail. You can experience amazing scenery and see much more of a country than you perhaps could travelling by car or plane.

Trains in Europe

Voyages Sncf UK

Specialising in rail travel to European destinations, Voyages Sncf UK offer both train tickets and passes to a wide variety of countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Specialising in rail travel to European destinations, Voyages Sncf UK offer both train tickets and passes to a wide variety of countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Using Europe’s rail network to explore a destination or maybe even multiple countries can be a very rewarding experience as you’ll get to see places you would normally miss out on if you’d travelled straight to your final destination by plane. Although, if you are set on air travel a train can be a great way to get to your final destination if it requires further travel from the airport. If however your hotel or resort is only a short journey away, an international taxi or transfer service may be more suitable.

There are a number of different ticket types available to you when travelling with Voyages Sncf UK. Both standard and first class tickets are available across most trains. Travellers are also able to stop at any of the 30 European destination covered with their InterRail Global Pass.

Holiday Tips

Travel insurance…check. Travel money…check. Transport to Luton airport…check. But how are you planning on getting from the airport at the other end to your hotel or resort? There may be a lot to get done on the run up to your holiday but don’t forget this vital step.

If you’re travelling as part of a package holiday then it’s usual for your tour operator to have organised your transfer from the airport for you, however it’s always important to check this in case it’s not included in your package, meaning you will need to plan your own arrangements, ideally booking your transfer in advance before your travel.

Visiting countries you’ve never been to before can sometimes be daunting particularly when your unfamiliar with your surroundings, not to mention the local customs. The last thing you’ll want to deal with at the start of your holiday then is a lengthy search for transport which can easily happen if your flight arrives during unfriendly hours. By organising your transfer in advance you will also avoid the risk of potentially overpaying for your taxi/transfer services from the airport which are often inflated to take advantage of unorganised traveller.

It’s usual to find a selection of transfer options from airports at popular destinations which can be suitable for those travelling either on holiday or for business. You’ll usually find a combination of both public and private transport options in the more developed destinations such as taxis, coaches, trains and international car rental. By looking into these various transport options you can guarantee you’ve chosen the option that best suits your needs.