Planning your Trip to Luton Airport

We are all different - some of us like to leave everything to the last minute, including trips and holidays. This may work for some, but for others planning your trip in advance is an absolute necessity. Below we list our tips for getting everything you need organised for before your trip!

Before You Leave for the Airport

  • Check and double-check that you've got all your paperwork. Even triple check if that works for you - standing at the check-in counter and remembering your passport is on the kitchen table is not very helpful. Ensure you have your passport, any visas that you have had to apply for (nowadays these can be electronic, so you may not have a paper copy), tickets and money, and make sure these are easily accessible in your hand luggage.
  • They have signs everywhere for a reason - keep any banned items out of your hand luggage!
  • If packing medicines, ensure that they are in their original packaging as this will help avoid a delay or confiscation at customs.
  • You might think you are saving time by wrapping your presents for your friends and family, but think again - these will often need to be unwrapped by security or customs staff. Leave them unwrapped and do this at your destination to ensure smooth travelling.

Getting to the Airport

  • The time that you need to be at the airport before your flight can often change due to changes in security measures, so it is best to check with the airline before deciding what time to leave. Remember that boarding finishes 45 minutes before the flight is due to depart.
  • Plan your transport and especially the route that you will be taking.
  • If you decide to drive, make sure you have booked your airport parking in advance so you avoid any last-minute stress and save some money too. You will also want to check any planned roadworks and check the time you want to travel in case there will be heavy traffic on the roads.
  • If you are being dropped off by a friend make sure you check out the mid-stay parking options - for now dropping off is free at Luton Airport (if you are brief!) but other airports are bringing in a small charge for dropping off passengers.
Planning your trip to the airport

Luton Airport Check In Times

Make sure you give yourself enough time to check-in for your flight; you don't want to be the person racing through the terminal to make your flight! Check out our recommended times for check-in below:

Planning your trip
Planning your trip
Planning your trip

Delayed Flight?

What is Colibra and how does the app help you clain flight delay compensation?
Regardless of why your flight has been delayed, Colibra can arrange a compensation payment to you. As long as you have downloaded the app and completed the registration process prior to your flight and you've been delayed for more than an hour, they can have compensation paid to you within 24 hours of you landing. Download the Colibra app for more details and to read the T&Cs.

At the Airport

  • Getting through security can often be a timely affair, and airports can often increase security measures without any warning. It is best to check with the airport website before leaving to ensure you leave adequate time.
  • Never look after baggage or items that do not belong to you for other people.
  • Keep your luggage with you at all times and if you see any unattended packages alert airport staff immediately.
  • There are lots of things to do at the airport but make sure you check the display boards frequently because these will announce your departure gate. Getting to your gate can often be quite a walk so you don't want to have to rush. You can check live flight departures to check for any delays, although these should also be announced on the boards.

Travelling with Children

kids on plane
  • A reasonable amount of liquid baby food can be taken through security outside of your liquid bag if you are travelling with a child. It is probably best to double-check this in advance with the airport.
  • Pack items to keep your children occupied on the plane, it can be very boring for little ones so, colouring books, snacks, and a few quiet toys would be a good idea.
  • Ensure that all passports for the children are valid and that you can carry them securely with your own documents - it is probably not advisable to let your child carry such an important item for fear of it being misplaced!
  • Pack wisely - one large bag with multiple sections is probably a better idea than lots of smaller bags, keeping track of children and items of luggage can be a little stressful!
  • Check out the airport's children's facilities in advance - there may be specific areas where you can occupy the children whilst waiting for the flight.

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