The Police Dogs at London Luton Airport got a Christmas Party!

London Luton Airport rewards its police dogs for their great work done in 2019 by throwing them a doggy Christmas party! The 6 spaniels named Chip, Milo, Laser, Peper, Poppy and Sparky and six Labradors – Hunter, Quirky, Toby, Charley, Ned and George. Each of the 4-legged furry friends chowed down on Christmas themed dog treats while playing festive games in the terminal, where we can confirm they did look very cute in festive hats!

The dogs are trained in a range of security orientated skills with some being able to search planes, premises and luggage for drugs, guns and money, while others can find explosives. To alert handlers towards signs of illegal contraband, the dogs are trained to freeze when they detect anything in order for them to not encounter anything potentially harmful.

Police dog handler Andrew Parker from Bedfordshire Police, who heads up the airport dog unit said: “The dogs work hard all year round keeping the airport safe, so it was great to reward them with a few hours of fun in the terminal.
“Passengers and staff love to see the dogs patrolling the airport. As well as offering the public reassurance they are a great way to engage with people and talk to them about important safety information.”

Clare Armstrong, head of passenger services at LLA, said: “Everyone at LLA loves the police dogs. Not only do they play a vital role in keeping the airport safe, they’re always a talking point with our passengers, so we thought it would be fun to reward them with a Christmas party.”

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