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A bespoke MEGAFID (mega flight information display) has been installed at Luton Airport, complete with Absen N4 LED panels which were selected following testing by the airport’s integrator, the SPC Group.

A 7×4 N4 display has been implemented within the entrance to the baggage hall, which also hosts advertising by onward travel providers such as coaches and trains. A second N4 display, sized 11×4, has been installed at the entrance of the international departures lounge and rotates through the flight information on one half of the screen, while the other half is used for advertising airport’s partners. Finally, a third and fourth board at the North end of the international departures lounge above Hawker Bar & positioned at landside arrivals, screens a similar mix of flight info and advertising content.
Digitalisation is more crucial than ever to modern day airports, especially when it comes to keeping passengers informed with real time information about their flights, or driving additional revenues by attracting premium advertisers who are looking to reach a captive audience.

December 2018 marked the unveiling of the £160 million terminal upgrades at London Luton Airport, the biggest in the airport’s 80-year long history.

The improvements have seen some direct benefits initially, with capacity expanded by 50%, and they are now on track to welcome 18 million passengers a year through its doors by 2020, having seen footfall already increase by 35%.

“The airport is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience – both for the passengers who use the terminal but also advertising partners who generate revenue,” said Jon Swain, director at SPC Group. “This premise is really what drove the desire to install digital display solutions which would enable the airport to relay information with increased speed and clarity, and also provide advertisers with a more impactful way to deliver their brand messages.”

From the end client perspective, Absen has a lot to offer. “As part of LLA’s £160m transformation to put the customer at the centre of everything we do, LLA wanted the best visual displays to help inform our customers at key points in their journey through the terminal,” said Matt Mullen, passenger environment manager at London Luton Airport.

“We recognised that advertising and information often compete for the same locations, therefore combining these into a single, bespoke MEGAFID (mega flight information display) solution best served the requirements. SPC Group, with their experience of what is required for optimal viewing, installation and maintenance of such large, stunning displays across the terminal, assisted with all decisions.”

Due to high passenger numbers, the installation work of these new advertising boards took place throughout the night in order to minimise airport disruption. The screens are extremely intuitive and easy to operate, and the airport is safe in the knowledge that any issues are covered by our comprehensive maintenance programme and we carry a full complement of spares to minimise downtime.

The new advertising screens contribute massively to the ambience of the new terminal, which features 30 new shops, over 1000 more seats, a new boarding pier and an expanded security search area

Jon Swain, director at SPC Group also said “Having the screens in situ affords the airport a great deal of flexibility in how it delivers messages to passengers making their way through the terminal – content can easily be switched in or out as required, and is delivered in an effective and impactful way which improves the overall customer experience,”

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