Luton braced for Xmas rush

For many Brits, Christmas is a celebration of the world’s most famous bearded gentlemen, Jesus and Santa Claus, and an excuse to escape the country by any means necessary. It should come as no surprise then that London Luton Airport is expecting thousands of people to arrive at the Bedfordshire hub over the festive season, clutching tickets to more than 90 destinations.

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Extra flights, courtesy of Monarch

From the end of October 2010, routes from Luton Airport to Spain and the Canary Islands will benefit from over one thousand extra seats, as veteran airline, Monarch, bolsters its winter sun campaign.

Monarch Airlines logo

The carrier claims that flights to Alicante and Tenerife, two of the most popular ‘winter sun’ routes offered by Monarch, are in “huge demand,” as the number of passengers choosing to fly with the airline reached “record-breaking” levels.

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"Multitude" of ski routes from Luton

Budget airlines at Luton Airport are offering travellers access to “hundreds” of skiing resorts and snowy pistes extending “literally thousands of kilometres” on special “ski routes” into the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Balkan Mountains in Eastern Europe.

Skiing holiday in the alps from Luton Airport

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Easyjet under fire for wheelchair policy

Budget airline easyJet has come under fire for its potentially discriminatory treatment of disabled travellers in it’s Luton Airport wheelchair policy.

The problem arises in regard to the carriage of powered wheelchairs which weigh far more than the limit imposed, for health and safety reasons, on baggage handlers.

Easyjet at Luton Airport
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Airport trolley charges ‘soaring’

Luggage handling firm, Bagport, has announced that it will double the price of its Luton Airport trolley hire service, from £1 to £2. The change affects us here at Luton airport as well as Bristol airports, and Cardiff is expected to follow suit within the next few weeks.

Family sat with their suitcases at Luton Airport
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Luton closed for snow clearance

In recent years, the British winter has been cold and unfriendly, closing schools and factories and spitting snow at old ladies in the street. February in particular has brought some of the coldest days on record, and this year looks to be no different.

Snow plough clearing the runway at Luton Airport
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Slovak airline claims Luton slot

Poprad, one of the largest cities in Slovakia, is expecting a consort of British travellers this Christmas, after London Luton Airport announced a new route to the Tatras Mountains, a resort popular with fans of snow sports.

Getting from Luton to Slovakia just got a whole lot easier… and festive!

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New hotel for Luton Airport

Hilton Garden Inn (HGI), a subsidiary of the famous Hilton Hotel brand, has commissioned a new 250 room hotel to be built near Luton Airport.

Hilton Garden Hotel logo

The building, which will open in 2010, will be constructed by the property development firm, Ability Group.

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EasyJet cutting 20% of flights from Luton Airport

EasyJet has announced that it will cut one in five of its flights from Luton Airport. Jobs will be put at risk as the airline cuts hundreds of flights in the UK and moves more of its planes to bases in Europe. This comes just after it announced that it will also leave its base at East Midlands Airport.

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