National Express service will take you from Bournemouth to London in just over three hours.

If you’re not one of the lucky people who has already experienced the fantastic airport service that National Express offer, don’t worry! The coach company, which travels to and around over 30 different towns and cities, has just recently re-introduced their route from Bournemouth to London. With it taking just over three hours and costing £9* each way, what is there not to love?

It does seem as if National Express are always looking for ways to make their customers’ lives that little bit easier, doesn’t it? It would appear they have done just that with a route that takes you from Poole to London (Victoria) in just 3 hours 14 minutes, with scheduled stops in Swanage, Weymouth and Bournemouth along the way.

This very handy route is set to start again shortly after being out of action due to major road works along the route. To celebrate the service being back in action, National Express are offering 338 free seats and 5000 £1 seats.

We encourage you to get booking for your summer holiday! To do so, please visit the Coach Travel page for more information. Other airports that are served by National Express include; Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

*Please check the National Express website to book your seats at the available prices.

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