New London Luton Airport Prayer Room

A new 24 hour multi-prayer room has now been opened at London Luton airport for departing passengers and staff to use around the clock!

Woman praying at the Luton Airport's Prayer Room

It is located near departure lounge 20, just beyond the retail area of the departure lounge.

The Luton Airport Prayer Room room is equipped with; prayer mats, religious literature carpeting featuring direction for those faiths who require it.

Religious washing facilities and toilets are also available nearby.

The Revd. Canon Liz Hughes who leads the The Airport Chaplaincy Team did her best to create a fully functional prayer room that catered for the needs of as many faiths as possible.

Luton Airport redevelopment

The new changes have has been implemented as part of a 110 million pound redevelopment which aims to increase LLA’s annual capacity from 12 million to 18 million by 2026.

The overall investment looks to:

– Redesign the whole terminal to make it quicker, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing

– Double the existing retail space, introducing new exciting shopping and dining experiences

– Improve rail services from with overnight trains from Luton Airport Parkway

– Implementing Oyster Card travel to the terminal building by the end of the year


Signs for the new luton airport prayer room

Photo credit: Shimown

Head over to the Heathrow Airport Guide for more information on worship rooms at Heathrow.

2 Responses to “New London Luton Airport Prayer Room”

  1. Jenny Pettengell

    A month ago today we travelled from Luton to the Algarve and I have been meaning to get in touch ever since. I did phone the Chaplain at the time because I was so appalled at what was purported to be a prayer room.
    The only thing it was fit for was as a luggage store as it was no more than a walk in cupboard. There was not a single seat to sit on let alone a kneeler for prayer and the whole ambience was very claustrophobic with no furnishings of any kind. In all it provided the least inducement to prayer you could possibly imagine and was not a fit place for humans and completely disrespectful of the Divine. I must say I was shocked as I have never encountered this at other airports and feel that Luton should come up with something more appropriate despite the building works.
    On a more positive note, once we were in our resort we were able to attend a shared English Church which somewhat made up for the disappointing start to our holiday.
    Yours in hope for better things to come

    • Really sorry to hear of your experience, Jenny; not the best start to your trip, I’m sure.

      Have you contacted Luton Airport directly about this? We’re a guide to the airport, not the airport itself. Although if you complained to the chaplain at the time, perhaps he passed on your comments?

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