Luton airport drop-off fee introduced

If you are dropping friends or family off at Luton Airport after April 29th, don’t leave home without money.

How much is the Luton Airport drop off fee?

The airport is introducing a one pound fee for a ten minute drop off slot and the only way to avoid it is to drop your passengers at the mid-term car park where they can catch the airport shuttle bus.

The drop off area at the terminal building has been refurbished and gives passengers more room to unload and there are special bays for passengers with mobility problems.

The charge is being introduced in an effort to keep traffic flowing smoothly and according to a spokesman for the airport it is hoped that by “offering a choice of options” they can “provide an airport experience to suit the needs of all passengers”.

London Luton England United Kingdom Airport Highway Road Sign 3D Illustration

Luton airport is run by Abertis and rumour is rife that similar charges could be introduced at other airports run by the same operator which include Cardiff and Belfast.

The airport was heavily criticised in June 2008 when it became the first major airport to introduce a non-refundable charge for using its trolleys, with the Air Transport Users’ Council saying it was a pure money making scheme and the airport defending its position claiming it would lead to a better service. It also charges a pound for providing the clear plastic bags in which we now have to place all liquids and gels being carried on as part of our hand luggage.

A pound won’t break the bank but there will no doubt be complaints from the travelling public who will see this as yet another way of replenishing the coffers at a time of difficulty for the industry. Most motorists also believe that this is just the beginning of drop off fees and that they will steadily increase as time goes on.

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