Luton Airport purchases new environmentally friendly buses

In a move to reduce its damaging impact on the environment, Luton airport has replaced four of its airfield buses with new fuel efficient models, the beginning of a project to replace all its airport buses over the next few years. The new initiative follows plans published by the airport in January this year which outlined intentions to focus on building a better environment for the local community.

The innovative project has seen Luton airport implement four Cobus 3000 buses which are designed with a light-weight aluminium body and reduced engine size, specifically intended to cope efficiently with the low speeds required on the airfield. Used to transport airport traffic between the aircraft and Luton’s airport terminal, the ultra-modern buses meet the highest standards of emission testing, saving as much as four or five litres of diesel each hour they are operated. The aluminium construction of the Cobus 3000 also works to reduce wear and tear, avoiding the corrosion common to other types of buses and extending the lifeline and cost efficiency of the vehicles. The buses also have a combined body, chassis and engine management system which has been designed to reduce routine maintenance needs.

In addition to the carbon efficiency of the buses, each Cobus 3000 is designed to ensure maximum passenger comfort. The doors are extra wide to accommodate wheelchairs and pushchairs and each bus has a ‘kneel down’ facility to aid children and elderly passengers when boarding the bus. Additionally, the buses have anti-slip flooring, protective glass and a state-of-the-art temperature management system, maintaining safety as well as environmental performance.

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