London Luton’s Fresh New Look and Feel

Little by little, an explosion of colour is seeping into the walkways and areas of London’s Luton Airport. In a bold new look led by Ico Design, Luton is setting the stage for a redesign unlike others.

Luton Airport

Their development plans have now been approved to enable the airport to aim to carry 18 million passengers by 2026. Currently, they have splashed their new bright, blocky colour scheme onto hallways and in a particular exhibition space within the airport, however you will soon see this scheme rolling out across the airport. The feel encompasses bright colours, bold graphics, and interesting photo sets featuring local photographers to really stand out from the grey speckled walls of airports that we are far too familiar with.

Before long, the airport hopes to spread this scheme across the airport, and include it on buses, staff uniforms, their website and more. The fantastic imagery is sure to brighten the atmosphere of the airport and help passengers have a more relaxed journey – we are definitely excited about the future of the new, colourful Luton Airport!



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