EasyJet considering mobile check-in

Waiting in the queues at Luton Airport check in desks is no way to spend the beginning of your holiday… trust us, they’re no-one’s best friend. Although many airlines offer the opportunity to check-in online, this is not always possible, for various reasons.

News that Easyjet could be rolling out a trial of so-called "mobile" check-ins will therefore be welcomed by everyone, particularly Luton Airport passengers!

It does of course also have the added bonus of reducing staffing costs and the need for so many desks which have to be hired at significant cost from the airport operator.

easyjet logo

Assurances have, however, been given that, unlike their rival low cost airline Ryanair, Easyjet have no plans to scrap the traditional check-in procedure for those who want it and that it will not be charging for check-in either.

Ryanair, on the other hand, have said that they are moving towards having no check-in desks at airports and that those who are unable to check-in online will face a heavy financial penalty.

Self service check in desks at Luton Airport

Easyjet will address a conference at Las Vegas next month and will give full details of the scheme, called Project Halo.

It is thought that the hand held machines will process travellers’ details, print boarding cards and also scan the boarding cards, thus reducing queuing at departure gates too, which will also come as welcome news to passengers.

A spokesman for Easyjet said that the airline prided itself on being at the forefront of technological innovation and is constantly seeking new ways to use technology to assist its operations and to make flying a better experience for passengers.

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