Airport trolley charges ‘soaring’

Luggage handling firm, Bagport, has announced that it will double the price of its Luton Airport trolley hire service, from £1 to £2. The change affects us here at Luton airport as well as Bristol airports, and Cardiff is expected to follow suit within the next few weeks.

Family sat with their suitcases at Luton Airport

Based in Redditch, Worchester, Bagport provides a range of baggage related services to UK airports, including weighing, wrapping, and retail. The company has fallen on hard times in recent months, however, and blamed falling customer numbers for the recent price change.

Strangely, the price of a trolley in Euros has not changed, making it the cheaper option at €2 or £1.65.

A spokesperson for Bagport noted that, until now, the company had not altered its trolley fees to reflect a global rise in operating costs and was haemorrhaging money as a result. The price hike was a last resort, explained the spokesperson, but one that should allow Bagport to maintain its customer service standards.

Luton Airport has pleaded its innocence in the matter, claiming that it will not ‘benefit financially’ from any extra profits from the trolley hike. Bosses have also said that Bagport made the decision to raise its prices ‘at its own discretion,’ and was not asked to make the change by the airport itself.

Bagport’s pricing scheme differs from those used at Gatwick and Stansted airports, which allow travellers to use trolleys free with a £1 refundable deposit. Luton’s trolley charge is not refundable.

Whilst lone travellers might not grumble at the new price of hiring a Luton airport trolley, school groups and families with children could end up with a hefty bill.

The changes, which were implemented on Thursday, coincide with the busiest period of the summer holiday season. ‘Bagport is fully aware of the disappointment it might leave with its customers,’ the spokesperson said.

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