Foreign Currency Exchange

Changing your money at the airport or at your destination are the most expensive ways to get your foreign currency. You get the currency provider’s best rates by ordering online for pick up, either at Luton Airport or from the provider’s high street branch.

Cash & Cheque Benefits

  • 0% Commission rates offered
  • Convenient Spending Method
  • Competitive Rates when ordered online
  • Home Delivery Available
  • Fixed rate upon purchase

Cash & Cheque Drawbacks

  • No section 75 purchase protection
  • Not as secure as cards
  • Travellers cheques less convenient

Bureau de Change at Luton Airport

At Luton Airport only the International Currency Exchange have a desk at the airport itself. However, you can order currency online for pick up at the airport, saving valuable time!

Other Bureaux De Change

These foreign currency exchange providers do not have bureaux de change situated in Luton airport but are popular travel money providers who can give you great rates online, and you can pick up in one of their high street branches, or some offer home delivery. You will still be better to order online from them and pick up or have the cash delivered than going to purchase the holiday cash in their branch.


As the world’s biggest foreign currency exchange provider, serving over 30 million customers each year. Travelex can provide all your usual currency exchange services, along with a VAT refund service for non EU residents.

Order your currency now!

Post Office

Post Office

The Post Office are a really well known travel money provider in the UK and can offer home delivery of your holiday cash Monday to Saturday. You can also go into one of their 12,500 branches to pick your currency up, but be sure to order online first to guarantee the best rates possible.