Can you help Dilara Eda find her dream man!?

On the 6th December 2016 we received an email from a young lady named Dilara Eda. Dilara is from Amsterdam and on Saturday the 3rd, she thought she would go to one of Amsterdam’s most popular nightclubs, Escape, with a few friends. Little did Dilara know, she was about to meet the man of her dreams! One slight catch though, she didn’t manage to get his name or his number!

Dilara is desperate to find the mystery man, so much so that she has already been through 25,000 Facebook profiles but unfortunately has had no luck, yet! She described her dream man as a “very good looking ginger” and stated “I really really really like this guy and I would love to come to England to see him again, but first I need to find him.” – Quite the romantic!

Help Dilara find her man!
(Picture: Dilara Eda Bingol)

So what do we know about the ‘very good looking ginger’? So far, this is all we have to go by:

  • If you haven’t picked up on it already – He’s ginger
  • He is English
  • He returned to the UK on the 4th of December
  • His star sign is Scorpio and his friend’s is Aries
  • Has blue eyes
  • Is around 6ft2
  • Has a tragus piercing, like Dilara – It must be fate!
  • His name begins with a J or a Y
  • Possibly born on 12/11/1995

You’re probably wondering how she managed to catch his star sign, his date of birth and notice that he has a tragus piercing without getting his name or phone number. There is a good reason though, Dilara told us “I’m sure he would like to see me to, it was very full in the club and the music was to loud, plus the alcohol made my ears hear not very clear when he said the place where he was from and his name correctly. And I was with friends so I couldn’t leave the club to hang with him on his last night. Now I feel sorry about it!”. We’ve all been there Dilara! 🙁

If you think you know who Dilara’s man might be, or even better, you are the ‘Very good looking ginger’, leave a comment below or get in touch with us at with the subject line Dilara Eda.

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